Joomla Error 1146 #__updates’ doesn’t exist

DROP table IF EXISTS t2dfi_updates;
 CREATE TABLE `t2dfi_updates` (
 `update_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
 `update_site_id` int(11) DEFAULT '0',
 `extension_id` int(11) DEFAULT '0',
 `name` varchar(100) DEFAULT '',
 `description` text NOT NULL,
 `element` varchar(100) DEFAULT '',
 `type` varchar(20) DEFAULT '',
 `folder` varchar(20) DEFAULT '',
 `client_id` tinyint(3) DEFAULT '0',
 `version` varchar(32) DEFAULT '',
 `data` text NOT NULL,
 `detailsurl` text NOT NULL,
 `infourl` text NOT NULL,
 `extra_query` VARCHAR(1000) DEFAULT '',
 PRIMARY KEY (`update_id`)
 ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COMMENT='Available Updates';

Change prefix t2dfi with yours: Go to database and copy your prefix, prefix is like this: r5gtf_configuration, so prefix is word that is before underline. Then in your databse click on SQL and here paste code.

How to install WordPress Theme

– Before you install WordPress, first you will need a domain name and a hosting compatible with WordPress.
From your cpanel:

  • create new database
  • new user
  • choose your password
  • add user to your databse
  • check all permissions
  • save.

– Download latest version of WordPress and Using FTP client as Core FTP or any other client, upload this zip to your server and from cpanel – file list, unzip it and all files from folder created move them to your root (not root/wordpress)
Or Unzip it on your PC and using FTP Client, upload all files into your root.
– Next step is to check your domain and follow all steps.