How to translate elements from SP Page Builder Pro

How to translate elements from SP Page Builder into your language
How to translate elements from SP Page Builder Pro

The example we have english as default and want to translate elements from contact into Spanish language:

    go to /language/en-GB and copy file with name en-GB.com_sppagebuilder.ini
    go to /language/es-ES and add here en-GB.com_sppagebuilder.ini  rename it to es-ES.com_sppagebuilder.ini
    open file es-ES.com_sppagebuilder.ini and edit

COM_SPPAGEBUILDER_ADDON_AJAX_CONTACT_WRONG_CAPTCHA=”¡Respuesta incorrecta! Introduzca la respuesta correcta.”
COM_SPPAGEBUILDER_ADDON_AJAX_CONTACT_SUCCESS=”Correo electrónico enviado correctamente”
COM_SPPAGEBUILDER_ADDON_AJAX_CONTACT_FAILED=”No se pudo enviar el correo electrónico.”


That’s it

The same for all elements from SP Page Builder Pro

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